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Aquarius/Flower Child (1960s) Aquarius/Flower Child (1960s) Decades 1960s, Flower Child
Barbarian (Female) Barbarian (Female) International, Historical Figures/Celebrities Barbarian
Bathing Beauty Bathing Beauty Decades Bathing Beauty
By the Sea Dress By the Sea Dress Decades By the sea, dress, striped
Dickens Caroler Dickens Caroler Decades Dickens, Caroler
Cavewoman Cavewoman Decades Cavewoman
Anastasia Anastasia Movies/TV/Musicals Anastasia, Dreamworks
Glinda Good Witch Glinda Good Witch Movies/TV/Musicals Glinda, The Wizard of Oz, Witch
1920s Chemise 1920s Chemise Decades 1920s, Chemise
1970s Disco Costumes (Women) 1970s Disco Costumes (Women) Decades 1970s, Disco
Dominatrix Dominatrix Decades Dominatrix
Fembot Fembot Decades Fembot
1920s Flapper/Gatsby Girl/Modern Millie 1920s Flapper/Gatsby Girl/Modern Millie Decades, Movies/TV/Musicals 1920s, Flapper, Gatsby Girl, Modern Millie
Gold Deer Uni Skirt Gold Deer Uni Skirt International Egyptian
1930s Black Evening Gown 1930s Black Evening Gown Decades 1930s, Evening Gown
Gun Moll Gun Moll Decades Gun Moll
Hippie Girl Hippie Girl Decades Hippie Girl, 1960s
Jungle Girl Jungle Girl Decades Jungle Girl
Goldilocks Goldilocks Movies/TV/Musicals Goldilocks
Lucky Star Lucky Star Decades Lucky Star
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