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American Indian American Indian International American Indian
Irish Girl Irish Girl International Irish, Ireland
Island Girl Island Girl International Island Girl
Fiona Fiona Movies/TV/Musicals Fiona, Shrek
Japanese Kimonos Japanese Kimonos International Japanese, Kimono
Nefertiti (Queen of the Nile) Nefertiti (Queen of the Nile) Historical Figures/Celebrities, International Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile
Russian Nesting Doll Russian Nesting Doll International Russian
Samba Dancer Samba Dancer International, Occupations/Uniforms Samba Dancer
Spanish Dancer Spanish Dancer International, Occupations/Uniforms Spanish Dancer
Swiss Miss Swiss Miss International Swiss Miss, Switzerland
Temple Dancer Temple Dancer International Temple Dancer
Toga Lady Toga Lady International Greek
Viking (Women) Viking (Women) International Viking
1940s Office Girl 1940s Office Girl Decades 1940s
Betty Rubble Betty Rubble Movies/TV/Musicals Betty Rubble, The Flinstones
Anna Anna Movies/TV/Musicals Anna, Frozen, Disney
1950s Poodle Skirt 1950s Poodle Skirt Decades 1950s
1950s Blue Dress 1950s Blue Dress Decades 1950s
Green Prom Dress Green Prom Dress Decades 1980s
Athena Athena International, Historical Figures/Celebrities Athena, Greek
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