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Hooker Hooker Occupations/Uniforms Hooker
Horse Rider Horse Rider Occupations/Uniforms Horse Rider
Lady Liberty Lady Liberty Occupations/Uniforms Lady Liberty
Maid Maid Occupations/Uniforms Maid
Dalmatian Dalmatian Movies/TV/Musicals Dalmatian, Dog
Major Kira Major Kira Movies/TV/Musicals Star Trek, Major Kira
Mardi Gras Queen Mardi Gras Queen Occupations/Uniforms Mardi Gras, Holiday, Queen
Masquerade Masquerade Halloween, Dresses Masquerade
Movie Star Movie Star Occupations/Uniforms, Dresses Movie Star
Ladies Night Out Ladies Night Out Occupations/Uniforms Ladies Night Out
Ninja Ninja Halloween, Occupations/Uniforms Ninja
Nun Nun Occupations/Uniforms Nun
Nurse Nurse Halloween, Occupations/Uniforms Nurse
Peddler Peddler Occupations/Uniforms Peddler
Playboy Bunny Playboy Bunny Occupations/Uniforms Playboy Bunny
Policewoman Policewoman Occupations/Uniforms Policewoman
Dorothy Dorothy Movies/TV/Musicals Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz
Elsa Elsa Movies/TV/Musicals Elsa, Frozen, Disney
Rockette Rockette Occupations/Uniforms, Christmas Rockette
Rock Star Rock Star Occupations/Uniforms Rock Star
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