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Mrs. Clause Mrs. Clause Christmas Mrs. Clause
Santa Baby Outfit Santa Baby Outfit Christmas Santa Baby
Santa Baby Outfit Santa Baby Outfit Christmas Santa Baby
Caribbean Girl Caribbean Girl Pirate Caribbean Girl
Caribbean Wench Caribbean Wench Pirates Wench, Caribbean
Classic Pirate (Women) Classic Pirate (Women) Pirates Classic Pirate, Striped
Air Ship Pirate Air Ship Pirate Pirates Air Ship Pirate
Pirate Angelica Pirate Angelica Pirates Angelica, Pirate
Pirate Swordswoman Pirate Swordswoman Pirates Swordswoman
Pirate Elizabeth Swann Pirate Elizabeth Swann Movies/TV/Musicals, Pirates Elizabeth Swann, Pirates of the Caribbean
Ballroom Dancer Ballroom Dancer Uniforms, Performance Costume Ballroom
Cabana Girl Cabana Girl Occupations/Uniforms Cabana Girl
Cinderella Cinderella Movies/TV/Musicals Cinderella
Corpse Bride Corpse Bride Movies/TV/Musicals Corpse Bride, Tim Burton
Carnival Lady Carnival Lady Occupations/Uniforms Carnival Lady
Cheerleader Outfits Cheerleader Outfits Occupations/Uniforms Cheerleader
Cirque de Soleil Outfit Cirque de Soleil Outfit Occupations/Uniforms Cirque de Soleil
Folk Dancer Folk Dancer Occupations/Uniforms, International Folk Dancer
Fortune Teller Fortune Teller Pirate, Occupation/Uniform Fortune Teller
Girl Scout Uniform Girl Scout Uniform Occupations/Uniforms Girl Scout
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