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Bride of Frankenstein Bride of Frankenstein Movies/TV/Musicals Bride of Frankenstein, Halloween
Clowns (Women) Clowns (Women) Halloween Clown
Woman Convict Woman Convict Halloween, Occupations/Uniforms Convict, Black and White
Dead Bride Dead Bride Halloween Dead Bride
Fairy Costumes Fairy Costumes Halloween, Fantasy Fairy, Wings, Fairies
Devil Costumes (Women) Devil Costumes (Women) Halloween Devil
Donkey Donkey Halloween Donkey, Animal
Harlequin (Women) Harlequin (Women) Halloween Harlequin
Bo Peep Bo Peep Movies/TV/Musicals Bo Peep
Lady Gorilla Lady Gorilla Halloween Lady Gorilla
Lady Lion Lady Lion Halloween Lion, Lady, Female, Animal
Leprechauns (Womens) Leprechauns (Womens) Halloween Leprechauns, St. Patrick's Day
Mime Mime Halloween Mime
Moth Moth Halloween Moth, bug, animal
Peacock Peacock Halloween Peacock, Animals
Pink Panther Pink Panther Movies/TV/Musicals Pink Panther
Raggedy Ann Raggedy Ann Movies/TV/Musicals Raggedy Ann
Spider Lady Spider Lady Halloween Spider Lady
Vampire Lady Vampire Lady Halloween Vampire
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