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Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Historical Figures/Celebrities Marilyn Monroe
Martha Washington Martha Washington Historical Figures/Celebrities Martha Washington
Shirley Temple Shirley Temple Historical Figures/Celebrities Shirley Temple
Virgin Mary Virgin Mary Biblical Virgin Mary
Mary Magdaline Mary Magdaline Biblical Mary Magdaline
Medieval Lady Medieval Lady Medieval Lady, Blue Velvet
Cats Cats Movies/TV/Musicals Cats
Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Medieval Gwendolyn, King Arthur
Juliet Juliet Movies/TV/Musicals Juliet, Romeo and Juliet
Lady in Waiting Lady in Waiting Medieval Lady in Waiting
Lady of the Court Lady of the Court Medieval Lady of the Court
Medieval Maiden Medieval Maiden Medieval Maiden
Milady of the Castle Milady of the Castle Medieval Milady of the Castle, Dress
Noble Maiden Noble Maiden Medieval Maiden, Noble
Page Page Medieval Page
Queens Queens Medieval Queen
Queen Anne Queen Anne Medieval Queen Anne
Catwoman Catwoman Movies/TV/Musicals Catwoman, Batman
Renaissance Lady Renaissance Lady Medieval Renaissance Lady
Santa's Elves (Women) Santa's Elves (Women) Christmas Elf
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