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Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland Movies/TV/Musicals Alice in Wonderland, Disney, Tim Burton, Alice
Mrs. Brady/Mrs. Partidge Mrs. Brady/Mrs. Partidge Movies/TV/Musicals Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Partridge
Widows Web Widows Web Halloween Widows Web
Witch Witch Halloween Witch
Empress of Evil Empress of Evil Halloween, Fantasy Empress of Evil
Fairy Godmother Fairy Godmother Movies/TV/Musicals Fairy Godmother, CInderella
Genie (Women) Genie (Women) Fantasy Genie
Princess Princess Fantasy Princess
Sorcerer (Women) Sorcerer (Women) Fantasy Sorcerer
Unicorn Unicorn Fantasy Unicorn
Betsy Ross Betsy Ross Historical Figures/Celebrities Betsy Ross
Cleopatra Cleopatra Historical Figures/Celebrities Cleopatra, Egyptian
Cindi Lauper Cindi Lauper Historical Figures/Celebrities Cindi Lauper
Daisy May Daisy May Historical Figures/Celebrities Daisy May
Ginger Rogers Ginger Rogers Historical Figures/Celebrities Ginger Rogers, Fred and Ginger
Captain America (Women's) Captain America (Women's) Movies/TV/Musicals Captain America, Female, Avengers, Marvel
Lucille Ball Lucille Ball Movies/TV/Musicals, Historical Figures/Celebrities Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy
Madonna Madonna Historical Figures/Celebrities Madonna, Material Girl
Mae West Mae West Historical Figures/Celebrities Mae West
Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette Historical Figures/Celebrities Marie Antoinette
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