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Medieval Swordsman Medieval Swordsman Medieval Swordsman
Clone Trooper Clone Trooper Movies/TV/Musicals Star Wars, Clone Trooper
Moses Moses Biblical Moses
Nobleman Nobleman Medieval Nobleman
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte Historical Figures/Celebrities Napoleon Bonaparte
Page Page Medieval Page
Nephi Nephi Biblical Nephi, Book of Mormon
Prince Prince Medieval Prince
Ozzie Osborne Ozzie Osborne Historical Figures/Celebrities Ozzie Osborne
Paul Revere Paul Revere Historical Figures/Celebrities Paul Revere
Prince Charming Prince Charming Movies/TV/Musicals Prince Charming, Prince, Cinderella
Prince Phillip Prince Phillip Movies/TV/Musicals Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty, Prince
Phil McCracken Phil McCracken Historical Figures/Celebrities Phil McCracken
Queen's Guard Queen's Guard Medieval Queen's Guard
Pilgrim Pilgrim Historical Figures/Celebrities Pilgrim
Renaissance Renaissance Medieval Renaissance Man
Servant Servant Medieval Servant
Pope Pope Historical Figures/Celebrities Pope
Spartan Man Spartan Man Medieval Spartan Man, Mascot
Ramses Ramses Historical Figures/Celebrities, Biblical Ramses
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