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Flasher Flasher Halloween Flasher
Half Man Half Woman Half Man Half Woman Halloween Half Man Half Woman
Midnight Stalker Midnight Stalker Halloween Stalker
Mouse Mouse Halloween Mouse, Animal
Mummy (Egyptian) Mummy (Egyptian) Halloween Mummy, Egypt, King Tut
C3PO C3PO Movies/TV/Musicals Star Wars, C3PO
Mystery Dude Mystery Dude Halloween Mystery Dude
Nightshirt Nightshirt Halloween Pajamas, Striped, Blue and White
Raggedy Andy Raggedy Andy Movies/TV/Musicals Raggedy Andy
Skeleton Skeleton Halloween Skeleton
Skull Rider Skull Rider Halloween Skull Rider
Smiley Face Smiley Face Halloween Smiley Face
Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey
Vampire Lord Vampire Lord Halloween Vampire
Genie (Men) Genie (Men) Fantasy Genie
Sorcerer (Men) Sorcerer (Men) Fantasy Sorcerer
Biblical Lord Biblical Lord Biblical Biblical Lord
Captain America Captain America Movies/TV/Musicals Superhero, Marvel, Captain America
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Historical Figures/Celebrities Abraham Lincoln
Disciple Disciple Biblical Disciple
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