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Venetian Count Venetian Count International Venetian Count
Dr. Evil Dr. Evil Movies/TV/Musicals Austin Powers
Dumbledore Dumbledore Movies/TV/Musicals Harry Potter
Dwarves Dwarves Movies/TV/Musicals Snow White
Elf - Lord of the Rings Elf - Lord of the Rings Movies/TV/Musicals Lord of the Rings
Austin Powers Austin Powers Movies/TV/Musicals Austin Powers
Fantastic 4 Suit Fantastic 4 Suit Movies/TV/Musicals Fantastic 4
Frankenstein Frankenstein Halloween Frankenstein
Fred Flinstone Fred Flinstone Movies/TV/Musicals The Flinstones
Gandalf Gandalf Movies/TV/Musicals The Lord of the Rings
Ghostbusters Suit Ghostbusters Suit Movies/TV/Musicals Ghostbusters
Green Army Man Green Army Man Movies/TV/Musicals Toy Story
Green Giant Green Giant Movies/TV/Musicals Green Giant
Green Lantern Green Lantern Movies/TV/Musicals Green Lantern
Gru Gru Movies/TV/Musicals Despicable Me
Hades Hades Movies/TV/Musicals Hercules
Hannibal Lecter Hannibal Lecter Movies/TV/Musicals Hannibal Lecter
300 Soldier 300 Soldier Movie/TV/Musicals 300
Jacob Marley Jacob Marley Movies/TV/Musicals A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
Han Solo Han Solo Movies/TV/Musicals Star Wars, Han Solo
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