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White Lace Dress White Lace Dress Women's Dresses ball gown, white lace
Lady Hamilton Lady Hamilton Women's Dresses, Medieval medieval dress, green and gold
Lady in Red Lady in Red Women's Dresses red, boa, gloves
Orange Dress with Hat (Laura) Orange Dress with Hat (Laura) Women's Dresses, Decades orange, dress
Lavender Lace Dress Lavender Lace Dress Women's Dresses lavender, lace
White and Burgundy Lace (Leslie) White and Burgundy Lace (Leslie) Women's Dresses Lace, velvet
Gold and Light Blue Ball Gown (Libby) Gold and Light Blue Ball Gown (Libby) Women's Dresses gold, light blue
Traditional Mexico Dress Traditional Mexico Dress Women's Dresses, International Mexico, international, Dress
Red and White Party Dress (Millie) Red and White Party Dress (Millie) Women's Dresses party dress, red and white
Jessie Jessie Movies/TV/Musicals Jessie, Toy Story
Lily Munster Lily Munster Movies/TV/Musicals Lily, The Munsters
Miss America Dress Miss America Dress Women's Dresses Miss America, Black and silver
Miss Priss Dress Miss Priss Dress Women's Dress Miss Priss
Mother Nature Mother Nature Women's Dresses Mother Nature
Navy Blue Dress Navy Blue Dress Women's Dresses navy blue dress
Maid Marian Maid Marian Movies/TV/Musicals Maid Marian, Robin Hood
Maleficent Maleficent Movies/TV/Musicals Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, Disney
Annie Annie Movies/TV/Musicals Annie, Musical
Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Movies/TV/Musicals Marge Simpson, Simpsons
Martha May Who Martha May Who Movies/TV/Musicals Martha May Who, The Grinch, Dr. Seuess
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