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Asian Man Asian Man International Asian Man
Buddhist Monk Buddhist Monk International Buddhist Monk
Dr. Doom Dr. Doom Movies/TV/Musicals Dr. Doom
Bull Fighter Bull Fighter International Bull Fighter, Spain
Chinese Uniform Chinese Uniform International, Occupations/Uniforms Chinese
Dragon Man Dragon Man International Chinese, Dragon Man
German Man German Man International German Man
Mexico Senor/Hombre Mexico Senor/Hombre International Mexico, Hombre, Senor
Hula Girl (Mens) Hula Girl (Mens) International Hula Girl
Monk Monk International Monk
Egyptian Pharaoh Egyptian Pharaoh International, Historical Figures/Celebrities Egyptian Pharaoh
Roaring '20s Suit Roaring '20s Suit Decades Roaring '20s
Roman Senate Roman Senate Historical Figures/Celebrities, International Roman Senate, Toga
Russian Dancer Russian Dancer International, Occupations/Uniforms Russian Dancer
Dread Pirate Roberts Dread Pirate Roberts Movies/TV/Musicals The Princess Bride
Samurai Samurai International Samurai, Warrior
Scottish Kilts Scottish Kilts International Scottish Kilt, Scotland
Shiek Shiek International Arab Shiek
Sultan Sultan International Sultan
Toga Man Toga Man International Toga, Greek
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