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Flight Suit Flight Suit Occupations/Uniforms Flight Suit
Gambler Gambler Occupations/Uniforms Gambler
Game Show Host Game Show Host Occupations/Uniforms Game Show Host
Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Movies/TV/Musicals Star Wars
Davy Jones Davy Jones Movies/TV/Musicals Pirates of the Caribbean, Davy Jones
Gangster Gangster Occupations/Uniforms Gangster
General (Revolution) General (Revolution) Occupations/Uniforms General
Golfer Golfer Occupations/Uniforms Golfer
Hillbilly Hillbilly Occupations/Uniforms Hillbilly
Deatheater Deatheater Movies/TV/Musicals Harry Potter, Deatheater
Jockey Jockey Occupations/Uniforms Jockey
Karate Karate Occupations/Uniforms Karate
Lab Coat Lab Coat Occupations/Uniforms Lab Coat, Scientist, Science
Lederhosen Lederhosen International, Occupations/Uniforms Lederhosen, Germany, Bavaria
Lounge Lizard Lounge Lizard Occupations/Uniforms Lounge Lizard
Santa's Elves (Men) Santa's Elves (Men) Christmas Elves
Buddy the Elf Buddy the Elf Movies/TV/Musicals, Christmas Buddy the Elf, Buddy
Santa Clause Santa Clause Christmas Santa, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas
Toy Soldier Toy Soldier Christmas Toy Soldier, Toys
Red Baron Red Baron Historical Figures/Celebrities Red Baron
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